Donna Read Textiles

“My work is mainly floral and plant based. It might be a twig set against a blue sky, frou-frou cherry blossom, vivid orange lichen on a tree stump or a shadow cast on a pavement; I can find inspiration in almost anything.

Colour and shapes form the basis of my designs and I love drawing reference from old textiles, vintage china, quirky 1930s prints and flowers from my own back garden.

The fact that we live in an ever changing, vibrant world where inspiration is everywhere provides me with an infinite source of ideas and resources.

30's delphinium cushion 3In 2013 I produced my first collection of limited edition digitally printed silk crepe de chine scarves. Since then I have added more designs to the collection and this year am about to launch my linen cushions into production. Digital printing is perfect for my style of work as my textiles are very free flowing and expressive with many colours and textures. The digital process allows me to produce clear exacting reproduction of my textiles. In fact actually it is often so difficult to tell them apart! Using this process enables me to produce more than one design of each scarf or cushion whist keeping them very affordable to the buying public. Past processes such as screen-printing would have been too constrained for my style of work, which is original and devised by me.

I will also continue to sell my original hand painted scarves and cushions on my signature velvet. These are all individually designed one offs and from start to finish are created by me – from the initial hand dying to the finished product. Nothing is ever measured so colour matching is by eye. I then add and subtract colour and textures as I wish until I feel the design is complete. The fabric is then steamed to fix the dyes permanently and washed and tumble dried to reinstate the silk pile.

All the fabric, dyes and chemicals I use are sourced by me in the UK. The pieces are then cut out, sown and hand finished by me.”

Donna’s current textile product ranges can now be purchased in her new online shop, here on this site. Click to browse her range of unique homewares, gifts, accessories and stationery.

Donna Read Past Work Portfolio